Be Extraordinary.

Super charge your practice and simplify your life.

We are the first not-for-profit Academic Oral Health System that is committed to providing patient-centered care in an ethical and inspiring environment.
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Extraordinary Benefits

HPU Advantage

Take advantage of all the perks from being a part of HPU. Enjoy work life balance and take advantage of free HPU on-site continuing education.

Employee Advantage

Access to 403(b) and matching; group health, dental and vision; employer-paid life, short- and long-term disability insurance; paid holidays, vacation and sick leave; bonuses, etc.

Practice Support

Be part of an organization that is values based and provides patient-centered care. Comprehensive practice support from HPU facility maintenance
and development.

Savings and Gains

Savings on new equipment, materials and services, and gains via better reimbursements from other insurers and other payers.

Seller Salary

Seller receives a percentage of their own collections, plus a percentage of the collections from the students and residents they are attending. This attenuates the loss of productivity caused by shifting focus to student learners.

Become a Mentor

Practice has residents and dental students seeing patients. You are able to become a teacher and pass on your knowledge of the profession.

Explore the details of selling your practice to the HPU Oral Health Network

Selling Your Practice, Consider HPU Health.

Learning Site

Practice becomes a learning site

HPU Faculty

Seller becomes a faculty member

HPU Staff

Practice staff become HPU OHN employees

Explore what HPU Oral Health Network is looking for in an acquisition

Practice Requirements

Practice Demonstrates Value

– Philosophical fit with regards to extraordinary patient care and experience
– Desire and excitement about teaching
– Consistent collections and quality payer mix

Satisfied Patients

– High patient satisfaction from evidence-based treatment
– Strong chairside manner and cultural competence to work with patients, students and staff

Satisfied Employees

– High staff retention and satisfaction

Eagerness to Expand

– Potential for expansion of services and hygiene via additional space or hours
– Current use of or ability to integrate state-of-the-art dentistry technology
– Flexibility to contribute in more areas than clinical education
– Openness to teaching a different way of providing treatment than they currently do

Excitement to Join HPU

– Integrating our “patient first” mission and championing the values of HPU
– Diverse patient population to add to our students’ experiences

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